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Any script/synopsis/story/concept ("Manuscript") submitted on our email address / website for our consideration will be voluntary and subject to the terms and conditions displayed on our website. Such submission of the Manuscript will not make us liable or obliged to include the Manuscript or part thereof in any of our film projects. No action or claim will be liable to be initiated against us in relation to submission of the Manuscript.

On the website, there should a provision that before submitting the Manuscript, the concerned person should be liable to unconditionally accept the terms and conditions. Only after the User acknowledges his acceptance of the terms and conditions displayed on the website, he should be entitled to upload / send his script and not otherwise. Similarly, when the user is submitting his script, he should accept the terms and conditions below before such submission.

Terms and Conditions: 

(i) The submission of any script/synopsis/story/concept ("Manuscript") is voluntary and does not give rise to any contractual/employment relation between the user and us.

(ii) The User acknowledges that the said script does not in any way form a part of any confidential information between us.

(iii) The User declares that the User is the sole and exclusive author and owner of copyright in the Manuscript submitted to us for our consideration.

(iv) The User declares that the Manuscript constitutes original literary work in the Copyright Act, 1957 and does not infringe any right, including but not limited to copyright, right of privacy etc. of any third person.

(v) The User expressly agrees and acknowledges that the Company is not obliged to use the Manuscript in its projects or in any manner whatsoever. The Company shall have sole and exclusive discretion regarding usage of the Manuscript in the manner deemed fit by the Company.

(vi) If the Manuscript is rejected for any reason whatsoever, the User shall not initiate any action or raise any claims pertaining to copyright infringement against the Company and/or any films released/associated with the Company in any capacity.

(vii) The User acknowledges that the Company reserves the right to initiate appropriate legal action against the User in the event the User makes a misrepresentation regarding the Manuscript or makes any allegation against the Company with regard to usage of the Manuscript.

(viii) The User agrees and acknowledges that if the Manuscript is rejected, it is likely that the concept / storyline of any of our films with which we may be involved in any capacity may be similar to the concept / storyline of the Manuscript and any such similarity will be unintentional and co-indicidental. The User will not be liable to initiate any action against us with regard to such similarity and/or the Manuscript, including on the ground of copyright infringement.

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